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3 Methods to Organize Your Home and Life

Organize Your Home

We all have some level of attachment to our things. However, many of us feel as though we’re drowning in stuff. Fortunately, there’s been a growing movement toward minimalism, and there are numerous methods that can help. Below are three decluttering philosophies to help you clear out and organize your home and life.

  1. Feng Shui — The driving principle behind this Eastern philosophy is to create harmony and balance between an individual and his or her environment. Good feng shui invites prosperity and brings an overall sense of well-being into your space. From the front door to the bathroom, small changes to color, decor and furniture arrangement are believed to promote health, wealth, happiness and good energy.
  2.  The KonMari Method — Famed Japanese organizer Marie Kondo promises that you can drastically improve your life by tidying up. In her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” she explains a two-step approach. First, you take all of your possessions and lay them out categorically (clothes first and sentimental pieces last). Then, you hold each item in your hand and decide whether or not it brings you joy. If it doesn’t, you let it go.
  3. The 90/90 Rule (Minimalism) — This home organization concept also relies on a two-part process. When implementing the 90/90 rule, assess each belonging based on two simple questions: Have I used it within the last 90 days, and will I use it in the next 90 days? If not, it’s time to say goodbye.

Ultimately, there’s no shortage of ways to organize your home and simplify your life. The important thing is to be willing to let go of the items that no longer serve you and make way for new experiences.

New Home Construction Expected in 2018

New Home Construction

Builder confidence for new home construction is at an 18-year high at 74 points total for December, according to the Housing Market Index (HMI) of the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo (NAHB). The HMI measures the traffic of home buyers in the coming months which is up eight points alone to 58. It also measures current sales conditions and sales expectations for the next six months which jumped four points to 81 and three points to 79 respectively.

The NAHB HMI rates home sales expectations on a scale of “good, fair, or poor” and it rates homebuyer traffic as very high, high, average, low, and very low. All of these saw gains for December and the months ahead in 2018.

With unemployment and interest rates low and a dwindling housing supply, we can expect to see more new construction of single family residences in the coming year. Additionally, new policies aimed at providing relief to businesses should continue this optimism well into 2018.


KREG Celebrates 2017 Successes at Holiday Brunch

The Kurt Real Estate Group Celebrates 2017 Successes

The Kurt Real Estate Group attended the 2017 Coldwell Banker Holiday Brunch, celebrating their many successes this year reaching $35 million in sales. Broker Associate and Team Leader, Kurt Galitski (far left) thanked the team and partners, “without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.” The team consists of agents: Justin Burnham (left center), Andrew Ramirez (far right), Claudine Wilson-Ferry (not pictured), Renee Schlendering (not pictured), and Team Manager, Liz Peters (right center). Thanks to the tremendous CB managers and office staff, it was a memorable afternoon.