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HUD Slashes Advanced Notice for Public Housing Inspections

Public Housing Inspections

According to HUD, its Real Estate Assessment Center currently provides as much as 4 months advanced notice before inspecting any multifamily units or any HUD privately owned apartment buildings to ensure the units  “decent, safe and healthy.”

The Real Estate Assessment Center is responsible for inspecting properties owned and operated by approximately 3,700 local public housing authorities in the nation. But HUD is cutting that lead time from as much as four months to 14 days. Beginning 30 days from now, on March 22, HUD will notify landlords and property owners 14 calendar days before an inspection is to take place.

According to HUD, its current system allows for property owners to use the lengthy lead time before an inspection to make “cosmetic, just-in-time” repairs to their properties, thereby ensuring that the pass inspection but not sufficiently sustaining proper maintenance throughout the year. “It’s become painfully clear to us that too many public housing authorities and private landlords are essentially gaming the system,” HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in a statement.

If the property owner declines, cancels or refuse to let an inspector review a property, HUD will record a presumptive score of zero. If a second inspection attempt results in a valid inspection within 7 calendar days, the resulting score will be recorded for the property in question. To read HUD’s full notice on the new inspection plan, click here.

Additionally, HUD said it is planning a series of listening sessions to gather input from the public and HUD stakeholders about a planned pilot program to test “innovative new approaches to inspecting HUD-assisted properties.” According to HUD, the initial listening sessions are planned for Philadelphia, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle

Posted by: kregkurt on February 21, 2019
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