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Mixed Use Development To Be Built on Los Alamitos Race Course

Mixed Use Development

During last Tuesday’s primary election, Cypress residents voted for an initiative to develop a mixed-use project on the 150 plus acre Los Alamitos Race Course. It won 63.6% to 36.3%.

We’ll now be saying goodbye to the home of California Chrome and one of the premier horse racing venues in the nation to make room for a town center, restaurants, retail stores, offices, and residential housing. Sadly, many racetracks throughout the country have been struggling and our now offering up land that is ripe for development.

This is a large project and its inception won’t be for several years as the race course owner, Ed Allred, plans to keep the track open for as long as possible (give or take another 10 years). The passage of Measure A will not impact the operations of Los Alamitos Race Course as the first step is to build a park on the 8.8 acres that have been donated and are not critical to race track operations.

With the passing of the measure, leaders of the plan are working with race course officials to revise the plans to make the best use of the land while not impacting the race track. City officials and residents are excited as this measure provides the city with a long term plan for the use of the land.

Posted by: kregkurt on June 12, 2018
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